About Naima Bond and Sister Ananse Yarn




Naima Bond is a Visual Artist born, raised, and currently living in Chicago. She is a graduate of Oberlin College where she earned a BFA in Studio Art, with a Concentration in African American Studies, and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she studied Graduate Painting and Drawing.

 Naima is particularly interested in using vibrant, super saturated hues in all of her artwork and yarn colorways.

Inspiration comes from many different places for Naima, mainly from the Natural World and Biological Sciences, Popular Culture, TV and Movies, and Black History. 

The seeds of Sister Ananse Yarn began in 2020 when Naima took a workshop on hand dyeing luxury yarn, and fell in love with the process and results! Not long after, Naima opened The Art of Naima Bond, which includes Sister Ananse Yarn as well as jewelry, small works of art, embroidery and more. 

The name "Sister Ananse Yarn" (pronounced "Uh-Nan-Say" or  "Uh-Nan-See") came from the spider diety of African and and Caribbean mythology , Ananse. He is sometimes a trickster,  sometimes a wise helper. In the Andinkra alphabet, he is depicted as a 7-armed asterisk.