About Naima Bond

Naima Bond is a Visual Artist and Childcare Provider born, raised, and currently living in Chicago. Naima is a graduate of Oberlin College (1997) where she earned a BFA in Studio Art, with a Concentration in African American Studies, and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2006), where she studied Graduate Painting and Drawing.


Naima is particularly interested in playing with colors and always uses vibrant, super saturated hues in all of her artwork.


Naima draws inspiration from the Natural World and Biological Sciences, Popular Culture, TV and Movies, and Black History. Combine all of that with a fantastic eye for colors and you'll find something truly unique in Naima's artwork!


Naima Bond Art is the right place to find  colorful artwork for any home, and the most vibrant hand dyed 100% Merino Wool yarns that add a pop of color to your next crochet or knitting project!